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Patti Layne Songs and Stories

Patti Layne is a performer, singer/songwriter and writer. She was born in Canada but has been living in Wuhan, China for the last 8 years. While she was there, she wrote some new songs and an account of her and her husband's life in China and their travels around South East Asia. Patti's Podcast,

'Travels with John Smith', is launched! Look for the link below the picture, near the bottom of the page. The Podcast is about living in Wuhan, China and travelling around Asia with her husband, John Smith and is read by Patti. 

She met some talented musicians in China and one of them, Simon (Youkuan) Yan, played on and produced the new songs to make a mini LP, 'People and Places'.  Two of the songs from 'People and Places' are on this site for you to download for free (for a limited time only). There will be videos for those songs very soon.

Click the 'Wikipedia page' button for more information about Patti Layne's career and past.

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Patti Layne

Patti Layne is a Canadian singer/songwriter who began her career as an artist in France. She had a recording career there for many years, touring and appearing on many TV shows, both as a singer and a TV host and also briefly, as an actress. She took part in many live performances in France, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, China and Canada. She is now  living in Canada and continues to perform and write songs. She has begun to write Fiction and Non Fiction as well. She will be releasing some new material very soon so watch this space! Click on the 'iTunes' button below and be directed to the Album 'Prairie Burn' on ITunes. Songs on this album are in English and co-written by Patti and her talented friends. 

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